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Information Assurance Certification

The National Security Agency has recognized the University of the District of Columbia for its information assurance curriculum offered by CSIT ( and ARCTIC (, which includes specialties within the information technology and computer science degree programs. The CSIT/ARCTIC faculty team was supported in significant part by a grant from the National Science Foundation along with collaboration by the University of Denver. UDC graduates who meet the CSIT/ARCTIC's requirements will receive institutional certificates as Information Systems Security Professionals or Senior Systems Managers as approved by the Committee on National Security Systems National Training Standards. "Information assurance is an issue vital not only to our nation's security but to all business sectors. The recognition opens numerous professional and career opportunities to our students." Dr. Byunggu Yu, ARCTIC director and CSIT chair, added that it "will put a new focus on our CSIT degree programs and recruit the best and brightest to our campus." The University's new Assurance Research Center for Trusted Information Computing at UDC is a major resource for these programs, the students, and the associated research activity on these vital topics.

-- June 2012    


  1. General Education "IGED-250 Discovery of Effective Use of Technology" component
    Effective Use of Information Technology; Technology, Society, and the Internet

  2. BSCS and BSIT Major Courses
    BLPC-419 The Law and the Computers
    CSCI-311 & 313 Computer Organizations Lec & Lab
    CSCI-315 Unix and System Programming
    CSCI-351 Computer Networks
    CSCI-352 Network Security
    CSCI-353 Information Security
    CSCI-412 Operating Systems
    CSCI-441 Digital Forensics
    CSCI-453 Secure Software Engineering
    CSCI-455 Cryptography
The Committee on National Security Systems